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Hamlin Electronics is a leader in sensor technology, working in partnership with world-leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries. We develop and manufacture sensors using Reed, Hall-effect, Inductive and Magneto Resistive technologies, Reed Switches, and Reed Relays

You can search Standard Products for a sensor that meets your specification. Alternatively, if you have or are developing a product with a need for a sensor and can’t find something that meets your requirements off-the-shelf, Sensing Solutions will guide you to the right technology and show you how Hamlin can design and produce a component to fit your requirements. The Contact page will initiate a discussion on how we can meet your needs.

You will also find a wealth of technical background and application advice for sensor technology at Technical Information.

Security Products

Hamlin magnetic sensors, switches and reed relays can be found in leading brands of security equipment.  Reed switch technology is ideal for this application as it requires no power to operate, yet is capable of load switching, is practically inaudible and can be made small enough to be discretely hidden in door and window frame assemblies.

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