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Hamlin Electronics is a leader in sensor technology, working in partnership with world-leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries. We develop and manufacture sensors using Reed, Hall-effect, Inductive and Magneto Resistive technologies, Reed Switches, and Reed Relays

You can search Standard Products for a sensor that meets your specification. Alternatively, if you have or are developing a product with a need for a sensor and can’t find something that meets your requirements off-the-shelf, Sensing Solutions will guide you to the right technology and show you how Hamlin can design and produce a component to fit your requirements. The Contact page will initiate a discussion on how we can meet your needs.

You will also find a wealth of technical background and application advice for sensor technology at Technical Information.

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Seatbelt Buckle Sensor

Hamlin seat belt sensors using reed, Hall effect and micro-switch technologies are used to indicate if a vehicle occupant has fastened their seatbelt.  This information is used to control the activation of the passenger airbag.  It can also be used to trigger an audio/visual warning in the event that a seat is occupied and the belt has not been fastened.

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